Chirp Or DFF3 Help


Furuno Fan
Hello snips Im in the process of getting a new 32 built and I am having troubles on getting your new chirp dff1 with r509 or staying old school with r209 and dff3. I fish waters from 200ft to 3000ft. I could use some help on making a decision. either transducers will be glassed into a hull pocket. will the chirp work with a r509and preform well ? or is the 509 and dff3 a better choice ? the screens I would like to use are tz or nav 3d :sorry
Even though the UHD can use higher power transducers it was designed around the 265 series. Since you are fishing down to 3000ft I would lean toward the DFF3 with either a 309 or 509.

isn't the 509 a chirp ducer ? Will it work just as good or better than the 309 and will I have upgrade room if furuno does come out with some type of uhd 2,3 chirp?
The R-509LH is a Chirp transducer and I have tested it side-by-side against the R-309. The two will yield very similar results when connected to a DFF3. It is hard for me to say what is going to happen down the road with our larger Chirp sounder. The other side of the coin is what is going to happen with the evolution of Chirp transducer themselves. With that in mind I can only speak to what would work the best at those depths right now and that would be a DFF3 with a R-309.

Thanks Snipps I ended up going with a dff1 chirp with a pm265lh transducer as long I can read bottom up to 2500ft I think we can dial it in and fish a little bit shallower. :cool