Need help on a transducer



If someone can help me I would really be thankful here,,,
I have a 42 yellowfin with the CM 599 ducer,, and I have a northern bay with the R309TIDN ducer,,
I am much happier with the R309 TIDN,,

however,,, I am building a new 46 wesmac right now and will be installing all new Navnet TZ touch equipment and I would like to install the R309 TIDn ducer,, but I absolutely do not want to install anything with a fairing block or anything that will be hanging down... I am told that the CM599 ducer is really a chirp ducer and i will lose a percentage of ability if I use it with the TZ touch system...

My point is,, can anyone tell me what would be the best ducer to use on the wesmac build, to work with the TZ Touch system,, that can be a pocket mount style ducer????

I fish in the northeast canyons off NJ and sometimes we are in a few thousand feet of water,,, but we usually fish between 500 feet and 2000 feet of water...

I am trying to finalize what I want to order for the new build but I am finding myself really having difficulty figuring out what will be the best flush mount/pocket mount, ducer for my application...
Thanks so much
Since the TZT system requires a black box fish finder it would be helpful to know if you are planning on our DFF1, DFF1-UHD, or DFF3.
What sounder module do you plan to use with the TZTouch?
The DFF1-UHD - a CHIRP sounder
or DFF1, DFF3 traditional tone burst

once we know what sounder module you plan to use, it will be easier to advise on the transducer

for CHIRP transducers you can not pocket mount a transducer designed for another type of mounting, the transducer will overheat and be damaged, see mounting styles and transducers here at Airmar
I apologize,, I plan on using the DFF3 network sounder...

also note,, I did notice that I cannot pocket mount the R309TIDN or it will overheat,,

I will be using the Navnet TZ touch, the TZTBB along with the DFF3 network sounder,,
Did you investigate the R399 —In-Hull, 2-3 kW, Broadband transducer? Similar specifications to the R309

If your new boat is a solid fiberglass bottom (not core), an in-hull can work as long as you have the room to install it (the tank is about 18" long by 9" wide)

I was trying to avoid that through hull style or tank style,,, yes I will have plenty of room for it,, I don't know much about them,, and I understand that I could not get sea temp unless my ducer was touching the water,, I guess I could always put a separate temp sensor in,,,, I thank you for your help with that,,,, I will look more into it...
Thanks so much,,

I guess I was kind of hoping on a molded into the hull ducer that the face touched the water which is similar to what I have and I am very happy with it,,,