Furuno system with airmar transducer r509Lm


first off all I'm want to make my system better for sport fishing only
Im want to buy the R509 because I'm thinking 2-3 year forward something like "dff3 chirp or Bbds 3 :questions " module to make some changes in my system

My system on my boat for now

1.Furuno mfd12 multifunction display
2.Gps 320
3.Bbds1 Bottom Discrimination to 100 meter
4.Furuno transducer ca 50/200 12m
This system it's for working until 90 meter deep and it's ok for now

For deep drop fishing 130-450 meter and deeper for Gropper
1.Stand alone furuno fcv1150 without my transducer for now I'm working with temporary transducer airmar R209 (not my transducer) with3 kw 38khz in Low and 2 kw 130 khz in Hi

2.TimeZero Sport Fishing PBG which allows me to build my own 3D database seabed (connecting the sounder to MaxSea TimeZero).
3.furuno radar Drs4A open array
4. auto pilot

And I'm very interested to buy the software RoxAnn GD or Seascan to my deep drop fishing system

All the system know to work perfect together in rj45 connection hub101

Now for my question (important for me stand alone sounder)
because I have answer until 100 meter for now with the mfd12 and the bbds1 50/200khz and maxsea I'm interested in the medium frequency and in wide beam but:

1.what species of fish I will going to see in this kind of frequency ?
2.What the deeper choice I have in R509LH and in R509 LM?
3.did the maxsea PBG and the RoxAnn gd or Seascan software will work with the R509 versions?(I know that they work in steady frequency)
4.did my software maxsea will do Bottom Discrimination in chirp transducer ?
5.did the R509 chirp transducer can work with nonchirp sounder like the furuno fcv1150 for now?(will do the work like the R209/R309)
6.maybe I will change the thinking and use with the ca38bl15hr furuno transducer ,again it's important for me stand alone sounder and I don’t see good option in the market and furuno have an excellent and the best sounder
7. after all did did I have any option to do in my system and to make it better or to change thing I will be happy to hear only for deep drop and not to change the system in 2-3 year from now again :angry

Thanks for your help
I will try to answer a few of your questions.
The FCV-1150 doesn't provide Bottom Classification (Rocks, Gravel, Sand or Mud) like a BBDS1, 627 or 587.
The R-309 will provide the same performance as the R-509LH when used with the FCV-1150.
I have never tested RoxAnn or Sea Scan with a R-509.

I understand that you would like to install the best transducer today that will be compatable with a CHIRP machine in the future. But also understand that just as regular sounders and transducers have evolved so will CHIRP sounders/transducers, meaning what the best set-up today may not be the best set-up three years from now.

Thanks snip
I'm already diced to buy the airmar r509lm for me its the best for now and im hope it will be the best more 2-3 year from now so thanks a lot for your help
Another question I buy a new radar drs4a open array and I need the pg 500 or the pg700 has a compass
my question is if the sc30 that is good also for the fcv1150 will work with the radar or I need them both?
And if the sc30 compass will give me a good service in deep drop fishing ?
Tnx again
The SC-30 can be used in place of the PG-500 or 700 into your 3D system. Since the SC-30 is a NMEA 2000 product it could be wire directly into the DRS4A. But if you would like to connect the SC-30 to both 3D and the FCV-1150 you will need the IF-NMEASC interface box to do so. The NMEASC interface has two outputs so one would go to the MFD12 and the other to the FCV-1150. Connecting the SC-30 to the FCV-1150 wouldn't make the sounder work any better but the bottom won't be as wavy.