Stuck in the port configuration wizard

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Hello team,

I just brought my new Windows 8 PC and Maxsea 2.02 to the boat and upon replacing the old computer by this new one, i had to go through the port configuration wizard to connect to the Navnet 3D. Maxsea got stuck in the port configuration wizard and i later found that the Ethernet port didn't get its adress from the MFD12. Altought the MFD12 was already started when i connected the new computer.

I did several attempts to reboot the PC and force the reconfiguration of the ethernet card. Altought Ethernet works fine on the Furuno HUB, i know because the radar, the ais and the fax are working i Wonder what prohibits the PC (Windows 8) to get a proper adress.

can you help me establish a strategy to diagnose this problem please ?

Andre :sail
You should pre-fix a static IP address on your PCs network board BEFORE connecteding it to the NN3D system. You should fix the ip address to
Thanks Johnny that did the trick. But i wonder why since in the Maxsea doc it is said that the Navnet 3D is a DHCP server...and with Windows 7/Maxsea 1.7 i didn't had to do that ?

Cheers :furuno
It has always been recommended to run a static IP but especially more important when running newer windows software because of more protections/restrictions. Glad you got it working. :jump
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