Importing & Exporting Waypoints

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I can't figure out how to import (from NN3D to laptop running MaxSea TZ Explorer) or export waypoints (or anything else). My MaxSea is talking with my NN3D system (it gets depth/position data for use in the PBG module, and it gets radar info.
What information should I be able to import? Routes? AIS? MARPA? Surius weather?
Thanks, Rick
One can import/export marks (points) and routes into MaxSea TZ using an SD card; to do this press Menu and select Files, Export Points & Routes. You can send marks and routes to the NN3D from MaxSea TZ Explorer by either right clicking on an individual mark or route and select "Send (Mark or Route) to NavNet"; clicking the MaxSea button (upper left corner) and select "Synchronize NavNet"; or clicking the MaxSea button (upper left corner) and select Import/Export. Caution: Synchronize NavNet will overwrite anything already in your NavNet, while the send to NavNet will just add the point or route.

The MaxSea TZ program is able to import/export marks (points) and routes. The TZ Explorer version is able to display and control a NN3D or NavNet TZ Touch radar; synchronize and send marks (points) and routes individually to the NN3D; and utilize AIS data, ARPA, and other navigational aids such as heading and position.

More information can be found in the MaxSea TimeZero Owner's Manual located in your "Documents" folder or on
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