Achieving a Straight Thru Hub Connection


Furuno Super Fan
I want to adapt a blue 6P(F) -- 6P(F) cable (000 027 897) to connect it to a hub in my NN3D set-up. I understand the blue 6-pin cables are "Cross Over" cables and I want to make a Straight Thru connection. If I marry one end of the blue 6-pin plug with a cross-over adapter cable 000 144 463 (6P(M) -- RJ45) have I applied a cross-over to a cross-over and thereby achieved a straight-thru connection, 6P(F) -- RJ45 ?

thanks as always !
In most cases you cannot use the old NN1 or Vx2 network cables with the NN3D system. This is because it doesn't have enough conductors to pass the required network and power sync signals. It might be possible, case by case, depending on the situation. You must ensure you know exactly what you are doing. Let me ask you a few questions...
1.) Do you have more than one MFD on your network?
2.) What unit are you planning to use the old cable on?
3.) Do you know how to use a multi-meter?
4.) What kind of hub are you using? (Furuno or off the shelf)
Since the Furuno blue network cables are cross over, and you don't know where this cross happens within the cable; you must use an ohm meter to pin out the cable correctly. In your case (going to a hub) you need to build a straight cable. Units going to the hub are normally wired with straight cables, and the hub does the cross. Using the Furuno MJ6 (round) to RJ45 (Ethernet) you should pin out the wires like this:
MJ6 ------------ RJ45
Pin 1 ---------- Pin 1
Pin 2 ----------- Pin 2
Pin 3 ---------- Pin 3
Pin 4 --------- Pin 6