Connecting BBF1 to NN3D Hub


Furuno Super Fan
I am getting conflicting advice on which network cable to use to connect an older BBF1 (aka ETR-6/10) to the non-Furuno (Netgear) hub on my NN3D installation. I think I need 000-159-689 (6P-F to RJ45-M), which is a straight-thru cable.

Could someone confirm this is correct...and if there are other options, could you also tell me what these are please.

thanks in anticipation.
When using a hub; the normal connection for all devices connecting to the hub would be a straight connection. The part # you provided is a straight cable and would serve your purpose as long as all your other connected devices are using straight connections to the hub.
My Netgear hub performs in this case is a mix of straight and cross-over cables ok? And if so, is there a cross-over cable 6P-F to RJ45-M I could also consider?

thanks again
There is a difference between auto switching and auto sensing. If your hub has auto sensing ports then it should work regardless of straight/cross cable used. If you needed a MJ6 to RJ45 cross over cable; normally 000-159-705 is used for this application. (Although normally; each unit will use a straight connection to the hub)