RDP-148 Network Port to Hub Problem



Changing my Navnet VX2 setup. I just picked up a DFF1 and want to connect my RDP148 to a Cradlepoint MBR1000 hub where the DFF1 is connected. I get a link status for the DFF1 and I can ping it from my desktop. I do not get a link status on the RDP148 nor can I ping it at the IP address it is set for. I have put a multimeter on the cable and pin 1 thru 3 go to pin 1 thru 3 on the RJ45 side and pin 4 goes to pin 6 on the RJ45 side. Should be a straight through cable.

Is there some way to test that the network port is working properly? Have I missed something in the setup of the network port?

The RDP148, DFF1, and my desktop are hardwired into the standard LAN ports. I can move my desktop, and DFF1 to any of the 4 LAN ports and I can successfully ping them. Only the RDP148 I can't ping.

Thanks for the response. Any other ideas?
Try using a crossover connection directly to the RDP148 and see if you can Ping the IP address of the NavNet. You can find what the NavNet IP address is by hitting "DISP" and then one of the softkeys (with a dot) on the side of the display. Ping the IP address and if it doesn't work using a proper cross over; then the unit has a network issue that should be evaluated for repair. If it works, then you have a cable or HUB problem.
Tried a crossover cable and still not able to ping. I put the crossover between my desktop and the hub and it works so the crossover cable is good.

Looks like the unit will need to be looked at. Also when I started the unit up this morning it said it failed start-up. Backup Data was NG, all the rest were OK.

What are the recommended next steps? Thanks.
The startup error about the Backup data is normal, if the unit has been factory reset or cleared. Otherwise this error is normally an indication that the internal battery of the unit requires replacement. The manual recommends the battery be replaced every 3-5 years, but we normally find that it lasts for 5-8 years. Your unit should be evaluated for repair due to its network problem, for sure.

It is strongly recommended to have the item inspected by your local Authorized Furuno dealer before sending it directly to Furuno for repair. In many cases, your local dealer will be able to initiate the repair faster, or he may determine that the problem is onboard or an operational/set-up error. You can find a list of your local authorized dealers using our "FIND A DEALER" link at the top of this web site. In the event that a dealer is not convenient to your location, send the unit to the Furuno Repair Facility with a detailed description of the problem. No RMA number or initial payment is required. Please make sure to include your contact information. The address is listed below for your convenience.

Furuno USA, Inc
Attn: Service Department
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607-9408

The Service Center will contact you concerning cost and billing after the unit has been evaluated.
The Service Center has a $100 evaluation fee for out of warrantee items, but they will apply that towards the repair cost, if you choose to have it repaired. Repair time can vary depending on work load and season. Mostly 7-10 business days plus postal time. If you need to contact our service center they can be reached at 360-834-9300. (ask for the service center)