Accu-fish with 1670f



Tried out accu-fish twice with new 1670f so far. I found out accu-fish not only measures fish but measures stumps on the bottom and jigging spoons directly under boat. Also, I assumed that when accu-fish is on (frequencies 50/200 at same time alternating) it would override a single frequency when you are in zoom track for example but it doesn't appear so in the 200 or 50 frequencies zoom track (very different screens).
The unit does use both freqs when accu-fish is "On" but as you found out; it will have no effect on displaying a single Freq mode. When running accu-fish your sample/ping rate will be reduced a bit compared to running normal single Freq mode. (because it is still ringing both freqs and not just the one)
Thanks for the info. Since the ping rate is slowed somewhat, would be beneficial to increase the speed across the screen to 2/1 (I usually run 1/1). Also, I noticed that 80% of the echos do not have a measurement and 20% do. I am wondering if the fish in the 10 degree cone (200) only show up and the fish in the 46 degree cone (50) are too far out for the accu-fish to process the info.
A target needs to go through both 200 & 50Khz beams for the ACCU-FISH function. You can try using a 2/1 screen advance, this means that the screen will advance twice for every TX pulse.