TZ Explorer not launching anymore

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I have MaxSea TZ installed on my laptop and it has been working fine for months.

Recently, almost (but not always) it has been giving me an error message during launch and crashes. The error message is "Visual C# Command Line Compiler has Stopped Working".

I have tried all the normal things (rebooting, shutting down all other apps first, etc.) and nothing works. If I launch under a different user on the same laptop, it boots up no problem.

Any advice? Should I reinstal the software? How do I make sure I am not using up one of my two tokens?

Johnny Electron

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I hope you have a good copy of your points/routes because it sounds like your user profile is messed up. I would first recommend trying to clear all the settings. (Start button - All programs - MaxSea international - Clear settings - then clear everthing)

If that doesn't work you can remove your licence/token (Start button - All programs - MaxSea international - remove licence from this computer) and then try to re-install/repair the software.
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