rsb0087 and rdp 131



I have inherited several navnet components and trying to make some sense here. I have a rsb-0087 antenna and the rdp131 navnet input jack looks completely different. I downloaded the installation rag and it does list the rsb-0087A-070. Not familiar with Furuno model numbering. is the rsb-0087 the same as the rsb-0087A-070? if they are compatible, is there an adapter plug that converts this unit? thanks S
There are two important numbers for radar scanners. The RSB number that tell what physical gear box was used in the production of the unit and the RTR number that tells what electronics were placed in that RSB gear box. Normally to determine model and compatibility, we need both of these numbers from the radar scanner. There were at least two RTRs used in the RSB0087 gear box. The -068 (1712 radar) and the -070 (1722 radar) are the only two I am aware of. Normally for the NavNet series one RDP131 display; the correct scanner would be the -070 making it a 1722C (Navionics) or 17232/NT (C-Map) model radar/plotter unit. The proper scanner cable should have a large 24 pin rectangle connector to connect to the display. The -068 scanner from the older 1712 radar would normally have a small black round 10 pin connection; that wouldn’t fit the RDP131. If you have a 1712 scanner and the 1722C display, they are not considered compatible.
thanks for the info. I have the 1712 display as well, but was hoping there would be an adapter that would make them compatible.
If you replaced the cable and properly wired the signals it might partially work but there would be problems with some things not working right. I wouldn’t spend the money and time for a “Hybrid” radar that wouldn’t function correctly. I would recommend selling the 1712 as a used radar or trading it in with a dealer towards a newer scanner and cable that works with the 7” NavNet.