Route & Waypoint Management


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Yesterday I was working on my routes, a number of which originate at a common point just outside the entrance of my harbor. I tried to move that point a little and pushed one wrong button (probably the cancel button) and instantly lost that point from all my routes. Then I made things worse trying to fix it. Therefore, it would be nice to either have a warning/confirmation sequence before one can do real damage, or better yet an "undo" button. Until then, I guess I will just have to learn how to back up by routes and points.


Hello MYNomad,
I agree that it would be preferred to have had a "second chance" warning before you can erase a waypoint or other important information. Furuno has incorporated the undo button into the Maxsea TZ programs. Hopefully this feature will be integrated into future products as well.

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MYNomad - I agree that an "undo" function would be a strong addition to NN3D.

Having suffered a similar fate as you have, my solution has been to start routes right next to a point but to not actually use the point. Thus, for a point from which you have several routes originating, you'll end up with a small nest of initial route points (blue box) surrounding the point.

They are located so close that no distance discrepancy is introduced. But this assures that each route is truly independent and not subject to errors made on other elements.

In a separate post I've suggested that all "delete" actions require a confirmation click. That would also be helpful in this context.