RDP-139 Navnet Black Spot



HI there very strange black spot appears on my screen at startup snd stays there like a strange black moon. Serial number 4309-2091. It is an older unit but worked great aside from moon we upgraded the electronics on the boat and installed this on our smaller boat. When I turned the unit on the radar antenna now wouldn't spin moon still here. On the big boat we had the fish finder and gps hooked up but all we wanted to use it on the small boat was the radar function. So only the radar antenna is hooked up. Two problems the black spot and how to get the radar antenna spinning again. Thanks Don.
That unit dates to Sep 2001. By the sound of it, your LCD has a problem and the unit should be evaluated for repair by a dealer or our service center. The unit was originally sold as 1943c radar. The radar not spinning could be a setup problem or something more serious. I would recommend contacting our tech support when you are at the boat so we can talk you through some troubleshooting. It still might take a dealer on the boat if it is more serious but we can ensure that it isn't a setting issue.