NMEA0183 DSC to NN3D



I just wired my VHF to my Data 3 port on my NN3D MFDBB. How do I setup the NN3D to accept my VHF DSC data? There aren't any options to select this when it ask for a the input sensor type in the wizard.
Very good question... The answer is easy..."nothing".
There is no action required after making the connection. The MFD will automatically process the DSC/DSE NMEA information as long as the NMEA version and baud rate are correct. Unlike other input items that require you to "checkmark" the data you wish to accept; DSC doesn't require this action. Welcome to the Furuno Forum!
This might be a dumb question but what data is output from the VHF - DSC ?
I just take the NMEA0183 GPS output from my Navigator and put it into my VHF. Is there an advantage to connect the NN3D to my VHF ?
Sending GPS data to your VHF allows the VHF to transmit your positon when a disress button is pushed. It will also allow your GPS information to be transmitted when a DSC/DSE call is made to another radio.
If you are talking about the wiring the other direction (from the radio to the NavNet), it is for passing DSC/DSE NMEA 0183 info. It will place a point on you plotter at the location of the person you are speaking with, when DSC/DSE is conducted. There is a section on this normally in the radio manual along with the info provided in the NavNet 3D operator's manual.