NavNet VX2 1920



Have a 1.5 year old unit that worked great until I went to the clear marks page to clear all marks and tracks, but after I did the unit only comes on to the screen with the boat and shows it loading, but after about 30-45 seconds it goes blank, and nothing will come up, no key beeps are screen. Anyone have any ideas. The FF box shows a green light blinking.
Is the display still on? Can you hear the fan still running?
Yes the fan is running, it just goes blank when the page that has all the writing use to come up, I have undone and cleaned all the cable connections at all the box's. It was running fine and when I hit the button to clear all marks and tracks that box went to a white color and now I am at this.
I have the unit turned off, it does still beep when I push the power on button.
Well I called the Tech Support in Denton MD and Jeff walk me thru resetting the unit. He was outstnading in helping me.
I have had Furuno on all my boats and will continue to.
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