navnet vx2 failure to boot


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I have a 2007 Navnet vx2 that will not boot up. It froze while in split screen chart plotter/sounder while I was fishing, no response to any buttons pressed. I powered the unit down and back up again and it beeps twice, opens the Furuno Yacht splash screen with the blue line moving across the bottom and never goes beyond that. I checked power and confirmed 12.2 to 12.4 volts, I removed the c-map sd card and tried powering it up and down a few times, I removed all cables from the back one at a time, no change. I tried the clear/power reset but nothing happened. I have not tried the menu/power reset option yet. Any other options or ideas?
Menu/Power enters the setup wizard.
Clear/Power is the reset.
Either the reset or a software update is your only hope at recovery. Try the software update first if you hope to recover some points/routes.
This symptom is indicative of the processor having a problem. It used to be caused by persistent low power conditions or improper shut downs. Eventually it could just be due to age.
If none of the above works, send it in to the service center for evaluation and they may be able to recover it for you.