Lost temp reading on my FCV 585 unit



I have a FCV 585 unit, bought about 2 years ago, hooked up to Airmar, 1kw, through hull transducer. This transducer has a built in temp probe. Recently, I lost the temp reading on the screen. I checked all the settings, I think, that control readouts and look like they are correct to show temp. I don't remember anything unusual happening have that would knocked out reading. The rest of the readings appear fine-like depth and fish finder. I don't remember any inline fuses that I may need to check. Should I try to go back to factory settings and start all over? Thanks for any help.
If you had a bad inline fuse, the unit wouldn’t turn on. I would recommend you check that your temp source is setup correctly, in your software, to look at your transducer for temperature. (MENU – DATA – TEMP SOURCE) It should say “OWN”. Ensure you have a temp data box turned on to see the data. (MENU – DATA – DATA BOX 1 - “TEMP”) If you still don’t have temp, check your power cord wiring to ensure the unused wires of the power data cord are not touching each other. If my advice still hasn’t resolved your issue then you most likely have a bad temp sensor in your transducer or a problem with your FCV585. Please check the resistance of your temp sensor following the instructions I gave under the following posting.


Thanks for quick response Johnny. I will check it out and get back to you probably next week.
Johnny, I finally had a chance to check the set up for temp like you said. Temp source said it was "own" and data box 1 was on for reading temp. I did not readily see any wires touching. I will now perform the resistance check-stand by.
Johnny, I finally found time to test out the resistance from the transducer as you said in 12/27/11 response. I showed about 8,600 OHMS at 84 degree water temp. I used the #4 and #7 locations on the transducer plug that plugs into the Furuno port. Based on Airmar resistance chart this is just about right. Does this mean something not right with the Furuno unit? Thanks for your help
That reading is in the ballpark. It does sound like the sounder itself has a problem. I would recommend that you send the unit to our factory service center with the details of your findings. I am sure that they can resolve the issue.
Johnny, will do. I will get it off the boat and send back. I will find nearest dealer. Thanks