FCV 588 - Not Reporting Temp


New member
FCV 588 has stopped reporting the water temp and only indicates "---.-"
Tested with both B164 and a brand new B260 with same problem. Measured resistance of the transducer temp pin outs and are working / in spec.
Checked settings under Data and Temp Source is set to "Own".
Have tried restoring to factory defaults.

This unit while not brand new does not have many hours on it and all other functions are working.

Any suggestions where to find the problem? Any board level testing that can be done? Fishing without working water temp is less than ideal.

It sounds like the temp circuit in the unit. I know the Camas repair center has been know to fixed issues like that to component level. I would recommend sending it in during the off season to have it evaluated. While units can't be evaluated by forum or e-mail it sounds repairable without a large expense like replacing the main board.