gp-1650 gps plotter



After about 30 minutes on the water I get a no fix signal. I've changed antennas with the same result. I can also get this no fix signal on dry land. The problem is intermentent. Could you please advise. When you service the unit do you also repaint the front of the unit? Thank's for your help.
If the unit is not turning off, then it doesn't sound like a power issue. Since you tried another antenna with the same result, this leaves the unit or RF interference as possible problems. Please ensure your GPS antenna is not in the radar transmission beam or next to another possible RF source of interference. If it isn’t interference, then the unit needs to be evaluated by a qualified dealer or service center. When a unit is sent in for service evaluation, they will evaluate and provide an estimated cost of repair. If the front bezel needs replacement, they will normally suggest it. If you wish to have it replaced regardless, they would of course do it. They do not paint. The bezel (high impact plastic) would have to be replaced. You might find a local dealer willing to try painting the bezel.
will that fix a daylight dark image on the plotter. at night its fine