GP-31 makes no effort to acquire position if antenna not attached?


New member
Recently got given a GP 31 unit, without antenna. Powers up fine, works on all screens and menus etc, but makes no effort to acquire any GPS position -just locked on the last position when it was disconnected. Is this because the antenna is not present, or is unit malfunctioning. I would have expected some sort of 'no fix' / 'no antenna' error message. But there is nothing. There is about 5V present on the TNC connector.

Thank you to anyone who could advise, or test there own unit booting up with no antenna attached and see what happens.

Thank you for your inquiry. You are correct; the GP31 requires the GPA017 antenna in order to receive and process the GPS signal. Without this antenna the unit will only display the last "good fix" it was operating under before it was powered off and the antenna removed..
Ok Thank you very much for your information. Will be worth purchasing new antenna after all..
Regards Alan