FCV 585 or wait for FCV 587



The FCV 585 price is perfect right now for me not sure when the FCV 587 is actually coming out does anybody know and should i wait for it? Im affraid with the FCV 587 being a new release it may go over my budget and i may miss out on getting the FCV 585 for a great price.
I am in the same boat so to speak :D

I think the prices of the 620 / 585 are only going one way once the new replacements models become available.

Personally I am looking to get a used 585 as I'm on a tight budget and want a pricey tm260 ducer to go with it.

Ultimately, the newer units most likely will cost more. It comes down to your needs and budget. I don't think you will be unhappy, regardless of which you decide to choose.