Yet another FF upgrade ?-- FCV 800 or 1971 from a 585 and the transducer decision.

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Mostly curious about transducer going to CHIRP in addition to my "P66". My understanding is the transducer for my 585 will work as the CW version in these two fish finders. I am interested in trying a CHIRP but wonder about the improvement I would get. Most use is salmon suspended in 25-200 ft of water of up to 400ft depth. I'd rather not spend $1K or more on a CHIRP transom mount. Will the TM150 work for me and will it be a noticeable improvement over what I saw with the P66 on my 585? BTW I did try search function and didnt find any posts recommending the TM150 as an inexpensive way to go CHIRP.
darth baiter,

Here are two economical transom CHIRP transducers that you can select for the either the FCV800 or GP1971F:

TM150M This transom mount transducer has 300 Watts of power with a maximum depth of 600’ ft (183 meters). The transducer features a medium frequency of: 95 to 155 kHz and with a beam width of 26° to 17° (depending on the frequency). There are 60 kHz of total band width that is ideal for inshore or coastal fishing, along with providing great target separation. Price tag around $350.00

TM165HW This transducer has 600 Watts of power, and high frequency of: 150 to 250 kHz. This transducer features a “Super-wide” 30° beam width that will provide a maximum depth of 350’ ft (106 meters). This transducer gives you 100 kHz of total bandwidth and that covers popular fishing frequency of 200 kHz plus. Typical pricing is around $500.00

- Deep Blue :geek: