fcv 295 with 50bl-12hr



hi guys,
have just taken the new boat for a run and the 50khz 2kw transducer is struggling in 300m.
I am familiar with the 38khz 2kw and had no problems tuning it to read in depths up to 1000m with the same sounder
Here is all the details of installation etc
.wet faced
.tap settings are correct
.200khz wet faced on the opposite side and works perfect(port)
We did some tests in the marina today on the 50khz and when the boat revs in nuetral there
is some signal loss(tested the current to the unit and that increased as the rpm increased)
Hopefully someone can help.Thanks in advance
Do you have any screen shots of the sounder underway? Also do you have any pictures how and where the transducer is mounted on the hull? One nice thing about the FCV-295 is that both channels can be programed for the same frequency, so is your case you could set them for 50Khz (or 200Khz) just to check if you have a sounder or transducer issue. The correct TAP settings for the 12HR is "B", also I would double check that you have the wires of the transducer connected to pins 1 & 3 on the transducer plug.

One thing that helps me to evaluate a sounder performance is a simple dock side test. With the same LF and HF settings (i.e. gain, power, clutter, TVG) does the LF have more returns than HF. If I see it doesn't I start looking for the reason why.



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Hi Snips

thanks for the reply ,i have a new sounder picture to post although i am having trouble
getting it to attach.Can i email it to you
If you can't figure out how to post a photo to the Forum; please open a support case (ASK FURUNO A QUESTION) at the left side of your screen and post it as an attachment to your question.