Enabling Sonar on Navnet 3D



I have two MFd-12 units. The master unit shows that it has the sonar icon at top of the screen, but is not reading a bottom when u go to the sonar page. Shows a zero depth. Make sure it is not in stand by mode. have tried both right and left clicking the icon to activate with no success.

The slave unit doesn't show the sonar icon at all. It is "x"Ed out wt the top corner of the screen. Don't know how to activate.

Please help in understanding this quirk.

It sounds like you need to run the installation wizard on the master unit (do NOT hit skip when running the wizard) and check all your settings. Once you save and exit; if the sounder has an X on it, go under MENU - FishFinder - General Tab and select the sounder at the top (Sounder source). Then do the same for each slave unit of your system, one at a time. This should build the required configuration files for each unit and allow your sounder to work at each display.