511 - adjusting rudder ?

tyee chaser

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I troll at very slow speeds,

the maximum rudder angle when in "auto" is 30 degrees, however when in "stand-by" i can manually turn my wheel until the rudders are at 40 degree angle which is occasionally necessary ... how do i adjust the "total movement" of the rudders... ive quickly reviewed the manual, didnt find the info... i don't think gain is the issue, as the re-action time to deviation & speed of rudders seems fine to me.. just want more angle

thanks & rgds

The setting would be in the Installation Manual under Dockside Setup. To get to the installation menu, press and release the MENU & STBY buttons at the same time and choose dockside setup. Once in there, you'll see auto rudder limit and manual rudder limit. Based on the information you provided, manual rudder limit should be set to 40 and auto rudder limit should be set 5 degrees less at 35 degrees.