What is this?



Hello all

I have a really silly question.

What is the 2nd box above the range box in the bottom left corner?

I have seen that come up when conducting radar overlay. When range link is on, it tends to keep your plotter range limited to the max range of the radar. My guess is your example has radar overlay on, but the radar is in standby or they are ranged so far out (with link off) that you don't see it operating. The two scales relate to the radar and the plotter.
Thanks Johnny, I suspected as much. The weird thing is, this install does not have a radar at all. It's a TZT14 with DFF1 and GPS only.
He might need to factory clear the unit. I find this needs to be done when upgrading from V1 to V2 or sometimes strange things can happen.
That is a very astute observation. Yes, “Red” range means it is over zoom or under zoomed, where the chart scale is no longer considered accurate.
Thanks Johnny, that makes perfect sense. I've also noticed that I get a temporary red ring (looks like some kind of range ring) around my vessel when zooming IN or OUT in plotter mode. I cannot find any reference to it in the ops manual. What is it and what does it mean? Thanks in advance
Captain Jack-
That circle is the area where you will be zooming. You should also notice a small cross in the center of that circle which appears when scrolling. That is the center of the area if you zoom. I believe that is what you are seeing.