Waypoint Names


Is there a way, on a Navnet VX2, to change the default Waypoint name when hitting Save/MOB key?
I know you can go in after the waypoint has been created and edit the name but I was wanting to be able to change the Prefix and start the numbering again when visiting different areas.
Reason being that on any one day in a particular area I may create numerous waypoints marking bait schools and/or fish. Most I will delete at the end of the day but some I will keep.
It would be usefull to have them named in a way that I can readily sort them when needed.

As an example, whne fishing out of Port Stephens (australia) I would name the waypoints PS0001 etc. when fishing out of Sydney I would name them SY0001 etc.

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No, there's no way to alter the default waypoint name. The default waypoint names are programmed in the NAVnet to start with "001WPT" and count up from there..."002WPT, 003WPT, etc". Quick points can also be saved, but they will default to "QP<01>, QP<02>, etc". Once the waypoint is entered it will default to the next available number and will need to be edited to the user's preference from that point.