VX2 Autopilot & AIS



Hi Guys

I have a 10.4" inch Vx2, ICOM MA-500 AIS XPonder and a TMQ AP4 autopilot. At the moment the VX2 is successfully displaying AIS targets via Port 2 set to 38000 baud. My problem is that I wish to send autopilot sentences at 4800 baud to the TMQ pilot. I obviously cannot do this on Port 2 as it is set to a different baud rate. Is there another port I can use? I was thinking Port 4 might be an option if I acquire a 7 pin pigtail but thought it might only be a RS232 output? Or do I bring in the AIS on Port 4 at 38000 and make Port 2 an autopilot output at 4800?

The other ports are currently configured as follows:
Port 1 Furuno GPS
Port 3 Heading input via TMQ fluxgate
Port 4 unused

Network port: 7" vx2 display


Once data 2 port (on the Vx2 10.4 or BB) is being used for AIS; it becomes an AIS input port only. You can't use the output for anything.

If you have other displays on the network, the pilot can be driven from one of those or the AIS moved there. If you only have the one display, then your options are limited when you run serial AIS data. This is what makes the network AIS units (like FA30/FA50) useful.

You will find several thread already discussing this on the Forum. Normally if you wish to use the RS232 (data 4) port to drive the pilot you will need a proper level converter. Most folks use the Noland Engineering XP15 NMEA level converter/expander.