using BBWX1 with MFD12



Hi Guys
Would a BBWX1 display all weather information on an MFD12 that was using the C-Map charts? Would any sort of Sirius Radio antenna with the correct connector work with that unit?

Where do I change my password? In "Profile" under User Control Panel I didn't see anywhere I could do this. :sorry

You can change your password of this forum under your user control panel - profile - account settings.

The MFD12 can display subscribed Sirius weather even if you don't have license to any C-map charts.

The BBWX1 receiver can use any suitable XM/Sirius type satellite antenna with the correct connector such as the Shakespeare SRA40.
Hello Johnny

Thanks for the reply.

I was looking forward to seeing all that detailed Sirius weather information on my MFD12 but I am told that subscription to Sirius Satellite Weather is not available in Canada. :angry
Don't know what I will do when I sail down the coast to Mexico? Get a US address?

On a more positive note, I have purchased my DRS4D and the NMEA 2000 GPS. Will start putting things together in the near future.