I've had the BBWX1, with Sirius subscription, since I installed my NN3D system (BB + MFD8) in late 2008. I've always found it helpful but a sort of blunt instrument, with minimal user control and icons that are too large and pre-schoolish.

While hiding out from frontal passage the last few days in the Exumas, I relied heavily on the system, with mixed results. But I had the chance to look at the WxWorx interface on a nearby boat and was highly impressed by the vastly superior presentation and the highly granular control available to the user. With Sirius and XM now commonly owned, I suspect that the quality of the weather data on the two systems is fairly similar. I've used XM weather in my aircraft for years and have almost always been satisfied with its performance and consider it an essential safety and operations tools.

So, with my frustrations with Sirius on BBWX1 and having seen WxWorx, I have been seriously considering making the switch. Data subscription costs are identical.

While looking at the Furuno site this afternoon I saw the BBWX2 as a successor to the original version but was unable to determine, from the info on the website, how it differs from the BBWX1.

How is it different? Better? Does anyone have experience with it?

I downloaded the brochure and manuals and it does not seem much different from what the BBWX1 offers and the screenshots showed the same, pre-schoolish graphic presentation I now have and I found no reference to greater end user control.

Sorry to run on so long here. Would appreciate any feedback or experience.

The difference between them BBWX1 and the BBWX2 is that the BBWX2 contains a 4 port Ethernet hub. The service provided by Sirius is the same.

WxWork will not work with your Navnet 3D.
Thanks, Johnny.

If truly the only difference between the BBWX1 and BBWX2 is the addition of a four-port Ethernet hub, I'd suggest to your marketing people that describing the unit as "the second generation Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver" is a bit best. It seems that the correct characterization would be to describe it as the first generation Sirius Satellite Weather received with the addition of Hub-101 functionality.

I'm not trying to be difficult. I believe the distinction is highly substantive.

I knew WxWorx won't work on NN3D. I would run it on the Windows machine I use to run MaxSea Explorer.

Melville - Sorry about my reference to Johnny. Thanks for your quick reply.