Updating Furuno "MM3D DataPack" USB HDD



Several years ago I bought the Furuno MM3D DataPack World Portfolio (FUSA p/n MM3-WRL-DHD) for use with my NN3D installation. It was sold with the assurance that Furuno would, in the future, reload the HDD with current cartography without charge.

I've once sent it to Furuno to load the updated cartography. It's time to update again. But I understand that the size of HDD now needed is larger than the one I have (though the current offering (reportedly 1 TB) has exactly the same Furuno part number as the drive I have).

I was told that notwithstanding that I had purchased the Furuno-branded drive (it's just a Western Digital Passport USB HDD) and that it was sold including free future software loads, that they would not reload this drive (could not, as it is now too small, which I understand) and that I cannot just send a blank 1 TB USB HDD (cost about $80 at Amazon) but will have to again purchase an HDD from Furuno for $200.

I understand that the cartography load has grown and that a bigger drive is needed. But if the original purchase was promoted with unlimited future updates, it would seem reasonable that if a higher capacity drive was needed, that I should be able to provide it without paying the Furuno premium on a commodity drive.

I have a lot of Furuno gear on my boat (NN3D BB; two radars; two sounders; weather station; FA-150 AIS; MFD-8 and more) so given that investment, a couple of hundred dollars isn't material. This probably sounds petty. But it doesn't seem right.

Hello Richard -

Thank you for your post. Please allow me the opportunity to investigate this and I will get back to you. I wanted to send you this quick reply, so that you know it has been seen and we are looking into it.
Did you receive my two replies to your PM?

I first replied with the information you requested the same day as you sent your PM. I followed up two days ago.

Richard -

I just sent you a personal email to the address that you logged in to the forum with, hopefully that gets to you.