TZT14 Sounder Waypoint



Is it possible to create a waypoint from a target that you have gone over on the sounder screen (without the boat currently positioned over that target)? If I run over a rock, and then want to navigate back to that rock, is it possible to basically touch the point on the sounder screen where I want to navigate to?

Hope my question makes sense.
Yes, your question makes sense and it is a feature of the TZT sounder.
You can scroll back in history on your sounder screen, tap that rock or anything else of interest, and it will place a point when you acknowledge it.
Then you can go back to your plotter screen and navigate to the spot.
Thanks for the info. How far back does the sounder history go? Is it a few minutes, a couple of hours, etc. and I am assuming that the gps #'s are automatically correlated with any spot on the sounder history?
On average about 4 minutes of data is stored depending on how much detail was collected. Anything beyond this time period becomes less valuable due to fish movements.