Sirius weather


I have the TZT14 and the Furuno Sirius weather. According to the manual I can get the marine weather forecasts for inshore and offshore by looking under weather for the forecast. I am unable to find it in any submenu, what am I missing?
At the top of page 11-5 (Para 11.2.3) shows how the playback of animated forecast data is done. Depending on which subscription you have with Sirius you have will depend on how much forecast data is available. The NavCenter weather can be set to get up to 16 days of forecast.
Actually, I was not referring to the animated forecast but rather to the regular marine forecasts which I believe are from NOAA. According to the fury no manual these weather forecasts in in text are available through the Sirius unit but I do not find them on mine.
Marine zone (text) forecasts are available with the Vx2 and NN3D systems using the Sirius weather units. Currently (Initial software release) of the TZT does not have this function. They have plans to add that feature in the future. Last I heard it was planned for the version 2 software release, planned for this fall.