Sirius Marine Weather


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Hey Folks I just upgraded to a complete TZtouch 14 with radar, fish finder etc. I used to have a Raymarine setup. Just curious it looks like the Sirius Marine Weather Receiver for both type of units look similar.

Just evaluating both units it seems that both used the same antenna and a ethernet receiver. I realize the the Sirius Receiver is no longer made by Furuno. Anyone know or think the Sirius Marine Weather module from Raymarine would work with the Furuno since its just hardware?

Sorry, it won't work.
I thought the same thing and tried one.
Furuno is working on a new option for Sirius. The older models will work if you can find one. For the TZtouch, I recommend trying the build in Wi-Fi NavCenter weather. It's subscription FREE.
What is a WI-FI NavCenter weather and what is involved in its instalation? Will it work with an MFD12?
View attachment NavCenter Weather.pdfThe NavCenter weather is a free worldwide service for the TZT MFDs only. It will not work with the MFD12 or any Navnet 3D as they do not have a WiFi capability.

If a TZT MFD can connect then you can download a GRIB file for up to 14 days in advance with selected data.

This attachment from the manual explains some of the features.
I also don't think that the Sirius Marine Weather module from Raymarine would work with the Furuno. Will it?