Setting AIS Range in Alarms Menu


Furuno Super Fan
When I go to the Targets menu and try to change the "Ignore AIS Further Than....." setting, it shows my last setting (12km) but when I try to select another range from the drop-down list, I get a message saying "Unable to Edit" then it says "Error Message for "SendError" to B" and "Unable to edit Error Message for "S.."

I have a laptop running MaxSea Explorer(v1.9.8) connected via Ethernet/router to there an interaction?

What am I doing wrong?

I think your problem is related to being actively connected to the MaxSea software and that the MaxSea software has range settings that are greater than that of the NN3D. Try bringing up the NN3D with the PC off and see what happens when you try to edit the range.
Yes, with laptop un-plugged from router I can change AIS range on MFD again. When I get a chance I'll re-connect and play with different range settings on MaxSea and try to understand the interaction with NN3D