Questions re: 3D Data charts and Block Chart


Furuno Fan
I am in the process of updating my charts on my MFD8 (40GB). I noticed that the 3D Data chart for the Pacific Northwest is no longer available. I still have a copy on my MFD8. Is it no longer used, or needed? Can/should I remove it?

I also have something called a US Block Chart. What is that, and should it be kept?

The block charts are gulf coast raster charts, where the "Block" areas have been marked off in red outlines. Oil companies normally use these charts a lot. Most normal boaters use the regular raster charts for that area. Unless you have a specific need for them, I recommend using the normal NOAA raster for this area.

The 3D data files have changed for the USA. You should delete the old 3D data file and load the new one for your area(s). For the US Pacific North West that would be (MM3-NAT-005) SDNA05TIN01 (3D data for West Coast US and Mexico)
Thanks for the info.

Clearly I don't need the block chart.

I will be downloading the NA 3D chart shortly. Furuno's pages for free charts do not list this series of chart - they need to be added. The way I found them was to do a search on the ID you provided. That also popped up the very useful list of preloaded charts.

Thanks again.

I want to be clear: the website needs fixing. When following the link from an MFD product page to the chart page, then select free charts, the new NA 3D charts are not listed. They should be added. Additionally, the old US 3D charts are still listed, with the comment "NO LONGER AVAILABLE. CONTACT FURUNO USA." (Although region 1 NE US is still listed as available.) Instead of this comment, it would be far better to have a link to the new charts.

I hope Furuno webmaster notices.

Yes, the FurunoUSA web site lags behind the source company (Map Media) for MM3 charts. The webmasters are aware that they have some updating to do. We got an e-mail from the webmasters saying just that, a few days ago. Thanks for the input.