PB200 (200WX) not showing up on the network



I have a TZT14, DRS4D with PSU-012, and PB200 (plus a bunch of other equipment which I think is not relevant to this particular problem). The weatherstation (PB200) was connected to the radome and everything was working fine. One day I had trouble with TZT (blue screen) which Johnny diagnosed as internal memory corruption and I followed instructions and got TZT back to working order. However, PB200 at that point disappeared from the list of sensors on the network, and I thought it was due to the unit's malfunction (had a lightning strike nearby). All other equipment works fine.

I just got the new 200WX from Airmar (direct swap for PB200, same cable) and put it on the mast top. I was hugely disappointed that I still don't see it on the network.

I downloaded and installed latest DRS4D soft, and TZT has the latest version as well.

Any suggestions as to how to go about getting this thing to work?

Many thanks!
Thank you for the reply, Johnny.

Is there any way to diagnose it (e.g. with a multymeter) or replace it without replacing the whole radome?
Testing at the user end would be very limited. You could use a meter to ensure that the port is providing the 12Vdc (red and black) power to the device. Other than that you could only try the device on a normal 2000 bus to see if it is working, or try a known good 2000 item (like GPS) to the scanner and see if it would work, when connected to the radar. (aka swaptronics) The electronics (RTR) of the scanner might need to be pulled and sent to the service center for evaluation.