Not seeing satellite status: 330B N2K to MFD12


Furuno Super Fan
I have never seen anything on my MFD12's satellite status page. I have a 330B as my primary gps, connected via N2k off the DRS4 radome. I understand the 330B puts out the 129539 & 129540 GNSS there anything in set-up I have missed?
If you have current NN3D software; then you should see sat status. Please verify that you have the GP330B setup as your primary source in the GLOBAL - DATA SOURCES of the installation wizard. If you do, then the problem would be that you have old firmware in the GP330B. You should send your GP330B in for firmware update sometime when you won't need the boat for a few weeks.
OK, found the problem. In trying to resolve the pwr-up order issue I raised in July 12 post, the gps had been re-set to the 320B backup...which has older software & doesn't display satellite status. Re-set 330B as primary and now see all.

Does make for a product development suggestion though: couldn't gps antenna software be updated via the MFD? Most of us would find disconnecting the antennae and returning them to a Furuno dealer a hassle....& must be costly for Furuno, too.

It is a good suggestion. We have the ability to update the FI instruments with the MFD, so I also don't see why the GP330B couldn't be updated. I will pass that suggestion onto product development.