NN3D and AIS (AIS-SART and AIS beacons)



This spring I installed a AIS Class B Transceiver and hooked it up to my NN3D MFD8 via NMEA 0183. My transcevier supports both NMEA 0183 and N2K ;)

It seems that the software I have (v2.07) is unable to distinguish between ship based AIS transmitters and a shore based transmitters (AIS-beacon).

I have other AIS enabled devices on board (N2K) that clearly distingush these two.
Is there any hope for improvement in new sw relases?

Does the NN3D with current sw (v2.07) have any support at all for AIS-SART.
1) Alarms when an AIS-SART is activated
2) What is the respone on the MFD if an AIS-SART is tested
Unfortunately, there no is support for AIS SART on the NN3D system.
Only MaxSea TZ PC software and the newer TZtouch system offer this feature.
Any hope for better AIS support in a new software version?
I have the NavNet 3D with AIS connected through NMEA. Am I understanding this correctly, the NavNet 3D will not locate the Kannad Safe Link R10 in either the test mode or if it were activated if a crew were to go overboard?

I have tried to test this with my NavNet 3D and so far I have not been successful getting the NavNet 3D to identify the test.

Francie Scott
The NN3D units do not display AIS SART Message (Message #14).
This might change in the future with a software update but currently it does not
The NN3D units do not display AIS SART Message (Message #14).
This might change in the future with a software update but currently it does not

Any news about this?
I would like to know if we will get an update to the "old" NN3D MF Dso we could use AIS SART beacons.

I must say I was sold on the marketing ...
Stating that it would be so easy to update the device with new SW versions...

In January someone wrote 30 to 60 days, but we still don't know if & when we will have one.

Only problem now is the cost of replacing the Radar & the MFD.
There are two “type” of AIS “SART”. I usually call them:
- AIS SART Aircraft
- AIS SART Beacon
The “beacon” version is newer (and is for personal use).
The “aircraft” version uses message 9 and I think all of our products supporting AIS, are able to display this message. Some of our products like the NN3D will display a very nice “plane” icon. Furuno USA has been working with Furuno Japan on having NMEA AIS SART Beacon (Personal SART beacon message 14) to be accepted by the Vx2, NN3D.
The current and next version of the NN3D software doesn't support personal beacons. The next version of NN3D software (aka v2.09) has been delayed for US release. No timeline, sorry.
It's AIS SART Beacon the is interesting for me..
I have Raymarine i70's that support AIS SART Beacon, but it would be nice to see them on a plotter also..

The current version is v2.07 ?
Have v2.08 been released (date & content)?

What about TZtouch - does the new equipment support AIS SART Beacon?
TZT has support for AIS-SART Beacons (via NMEA 2000).

Good news is the NN3D now has planned support for beacons (~early) summer 2013.

For the NN3D V2.07 is the current software for MFD12, MFD8 and early model MFDBB.
V2.08 is special software only for the late model MFDBB.

Next expected release "should be" V2.09 for MFD12, MFD8, and early model MFDBB with v2.10 for the late model MFDBB. It will not contain the support for Beacons, but a newer version of software "should" follow shortly after, that does. Of course plans are always subject to change but right now it looks very good.