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What settings do i need to turn on to make sure that when i hit MOB, the quickpoint shows up on all of my Navnet2 screens (i have 3).

thanks in advance!
Quickpoint do not require any special setup over the network other than normal. (don't need to setup anything under output to network) What does keep the quick points from going over the network is when your displays don't have the same TIME OFFSET. The other units think the info is old and ignore it. If you ensure the time offsets are set the same for all units, I am sure your QPs will work. (There is also a setting under PLOTTER SETUP for QP, that should be set to internal, but that normally doesn't get changed)
Ok that didn't work. All time offsets are the same and the qp is set to internal. The time shows the same on all three units.

I did notice that nav source is set to gp on the 2 units that dont have the gps connected to them and if I don't turn on certain network sentences, those units don't get a location. Sounder and radar work just fine.

I did turn on all nettwork sentences with no luck

Any help is appreciated
First off be VERY careful with what you turn on over the "output thu Network". You can get data loops if you just turn on items without understanding them. As I stated before, you can have everything off over the network and QP sharing will still work. My guess is you have a bigger networking issue. It would be best if you could Furuno Tech support while you are in front of the machine. (East Coast 410-479-4420 / West Coast 360-834-9300) I am sure we can find the issue. Is this a NavNet 1 or Vx2 unit(s)? You do know that the NavNet one has two local time offset settings, in each machine?

these are three navnet2 machines.

No i did not know that there were two time offsets. i changed the one under system setup, general options. where is the second one?

I willl not be in front of the machines until friday unfortunately..
With Vx2s there is only one time offset setting under GENERAL SETTINGS and it sounds like you found it. There might be one other simple thing that is set wrong that could be your issue. That is DST (Daylight Savings Time). Under the General settings where you set the time offset, please ensure DST softkey is turned ON for all displays. I can only guess that your time offset is right but the DST is not causing a 1 hour diffrence. This would keep the QPs from working. If that doesn't work, it would be great if you could call tech support on Friday when you are at the boat.
all DST settings are OFF on all 3 units. the offset is -4 with DST being off. the manual says that for east coast it should be -5 with DST on, but the time was one hour off with that setting.

The time/date, offset and DST is the same on all three units

Somehow something is being missed because you can network a NavNet 1 with Vx2 and they will even pass QPs over the network. Please give a call into our tech support when you can be near the machines. I am sure we can find the setting that is holding you up from having QPs share.