NavPilot 711 stopped working


We have NavPilot 711, installed 1 1/2 years ago, no problems until now. About the same time I upgraded my NavNet MFD12 from version 2.07 to version 2.11, our NavPilot 711 became erratic. Choosing either "auto" or "nav" and the boat will follow track but will swing back and forth over 50 degrees.
Heading seems OK, and I performed a compass recalibration with no change in performance.
Where should I start looking.

Try this on you NP711:
Press Menu
Scroll Down to "Other Menu" and press the enter knob
Scroll to "Nav Option" and press enter
Scroll to "Nav Mode" and press enter
Is your unit set to XTE (Economy) or XTE (Precision)?
If it is in XTE (Precision) change it to XTE(Economy).

This should clear your problem up immediately. It has nothing to do with you changing your software but it is a strange anomoly I ran into on my own personal boat. If you were already set to Economy or this doesn't work please let us know.