NavNet VX2 Update



I recently purchased a boat with two Furuno NavNet VX2 10" displays (upper and lower stations) (plotter; radar; and bottom machine). I am wanting to update to the most recent version of the software for these units. It looks like neither of the units I have - were updated since 2007 (which looks like when they were purchased). I ran the suggested diagnostic to see what programs I have- the information that was obtained is as follows:

Program No.: 195002402.02

FPGA No.: 1.05

Please let me know the most efficient way to get these units up to date on their software.

If it matters - they are running CMap charts (2007 Southeast and Bahamas)- and I am planning on updating to the most recent CMap Max once the software update is done.


Thank you very much. I will give it a try tonight.

I too am trying to update my vX2 with camp max. I understand the current version is 04.03.07. I ran the diagnostic and it came back with program no. 195002480.01. What does that mean?
You have C-map 80.01 software. It was a very short term release software before 4.01. That means your unit is currently about 3 versions behind. I would recommend you update it to current 4.03 software