Navnet VX2 Data port 2



I purchased a RDP 148 several years ago, I have used it as a standalone chartplotter/radar by its self. I purchased a Stan. Hor. DSC/AIS radio and want to hook it up to the Furuno, When I went to the menu to select the NMEA sentences Data Port 2 is not there, Port 1,3 and network show but not 2??? any idea as to why it is not showing up? Also I need to have the software updated as it curently has 01,06.
Would this mean that I would need to use the number 3 port to transmit the position data and receive the AIS and DSC information? The only other peice of equipment I plan on installing would be a DFF1 sounder, but I know that will hook directly up to the Network hub.
I also figured out how to update the software, it was pertty easy.


Thank You
AIS should be done with a network AIS (like FA30/FA50) because a single small unit like this is very limited on ports. If you wire in AIS serially it MUST be done into Data 1. At that point, Data 1 becomes AIS input only port. Data 2 is heading input only. Data 3 is special with RS232 level NMEA designed to run to a PC. If you plan to use the output of data 3 it must be to a suitable RS232 device (like a 9-pin serial port on a PC or device that accepts RS232). If you use data three to drive normal devices you will need a suitable level converter. Noland Engineering makes a nice NMEA expander that takes in RS422/RS232 that expands the output to four RS422 and one RS232 outputs. If you have other NavNet displays in the network, you can take advantage of those ports if you need to. If this is a single unit, you will really need to think out the data flow/connections before you start.
Back to the starting board...
I have a 320B gps receiver going to data port 1
Nothing on the other ports as of yet,
How would I hook up the Standord horizon 2150 to the RDP 148 to get the AIS?
If I go to Data port 1, where would I hook the 320B GPS receiver? Data port 2 since it is a receiver?
Data 2 of the 7" NavNet is a "heading" input port only. This means only heading data will be accepted by it. No, you can't put GPS into it. You would have to factory clear the GP320B and then add a Y cable (part# AIR-033-407) to data port 3 to move the GPS there. That would open up data one for AIS information. This would take care of your AIS and GPS but not providing or accepting anything from your Radio. If you wish to drive so much on one small unit, you have no choice but to add NMEA expanders and multiplexers as necessary. I think there is another older thread on this same subject. If you don’t count heading, a single 7” NavNet display only has two inputs and two outputs. Without an expander/multiplexer you have to decide what two items you want. I would say GPS would be one of them. This is exactly why the Furuno network AIS units help so much for a small unit like this. It keeps your normal 0183 port open for something else. You might want to discuss your needs with you dealer and see what interfaces he can offer you to fit your requirements.
Ok, I get it, I was thinking the 320 was heading but it is GPS. It is all clear in my head now. I will call my local dealer and discuss my options with them.

Thank you for your help sir,