NavNet VX2 and Sirius weather and radio



I have two NavNet VX2 displays (approx. 2007 vintage) (one is the main and the upper is a repeater)- I also have a BBWX1 Sirius weather and radio receiver (there is a # id on the back of the unit for weather and radio). I now understand that even though the receiver can receive weather AND radio - the NavNet VX2 does not display and you cannot control the radio from there. I have a Fusion radio in the boat and I was wondering if there is a way to pipe the "radio" portion of the Sirius subscription to that unit? I signed up for both radio and weather before I realized this so I have both subscriptions active- I just need to know how to get the radio from the BBWX1 to the radio/speakers.

The short answer The audio portion cannot be brought into the Fusion system. You're best bet is to deactivate the audio portion of the subscription (if possible).

The BBWX1 nor BBWX2 -although capable of receiving radio signals- was never marketed as anything other than a weather receiver for the NAVnet systems. In NAVnet 3D systems, however, Furuno Japan added a basic audio control feature that allowed for volume and channel selection, but not for NN1, NN2 or TZ Touch systems.
I have a similar question. I just purchased a 2006 41 Luhrs with 2 Navnet vx2's in the lower helm and one on the tower. I to have had Sirius Radio and weather in my old boat and have everything ready to transfer to the new boat. I was able to get the Sirius radio transferred, but I could not find out how to get the Unit ID number required off the Navnet to give to the people at Sirius. My Question is, how do I get that Id number off the unit to give to Sirius, and 2nd, is that unit capable of displaying the Sirius weather? Any operating tips would be appreciated as well. Thanks
Again, the NAVnet vx2 is not capable of using the radio portion of the BBWX1 or BBWX2 receiver. A C-Map programmed NN2 is only capable of receiving weather data from Sirius; the Navionics version is not Sirius weather capable at all. The data ESN (on BBWX1) or ESN (on BBWX2) is located on a sticker on the bottom of each receiver. In order to see the ESN on a NN2 C-Map display, one would go to Menu-Weather Setup from the weather hotpage; the Sirius Weather ID at the bottom of the screen is your ESN to give to Sirius.

Operating tip: Do not turn on both Sea Surface Temp and Waves at the same time because one covers the other up.
BBWX1 Operator's Manual: ... Manual.pdf

BBWX2 Operator's/Reference Manual: ... %20VX2.pdf