navnet vx 2 plus TV Monitor



Hi what cable do i need to connect a Tv monitor as a second repeat screen. and is that all?
You will need the RGB Output Cable Kit. Part # 008-526-360 which has a list price of $55.

This will allow connection to a VGA monitor. I would suggest having a local authorized Furuno dealer put it in.
Hi just looked at the cable online and the rear of my VX2 . The cable seems to have a inline connection terminal and all my vx2 has is the 5 X 6pin data outlets is their a further cable to connect the two different terminals?
The cable is connected inside the display through a hole next to the power connection. That hole is covered by a rubber plug. If you download the installation manual you will see the connection diagram. I still suggest that this is handled by an authorized dealer or you can send the unit to Furuno.
ok that makes sense. We have a local installer Ill give him a call
What resolutions can you run on the external VGA monitor?
Can you run like 1024 x 768 on a 17" LCD? or does it just copy the VX2 resolution.
Can you run radar or depth sounder on the VGA display while having charts on the VX2. Or vice versa?