NAvNet TZ: New product coming?

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Furuno has begun advertizing something called 'NavNet TZ'...but just 'tease' adverts so far. Johnny, are you able to provide Forum users with a bit more info: will this be a radical upgrade of Navigator/Explorer? When will more info be released and when is the product itself likely to be available?

tks in advance
The Ad you speak of, is not talking about PC software. It is talking about a new chart plotter. I can't tell you much about it because I am in the dark as much as you are. Normally Furuno USA will release new products at the Miami boat show with full details. Until then I would expect teaser Ads with bits and pieces given. As for MaxSea TZ, I haven't heard of anything new. Happy Holidays!
I heard from my dealer that it was a new format of Navnet equipment, something like a tablet....

Happy holidays !

Seems there's quite a lot of chatter on the Internet about TZ, some (most?) of which is guesswork....

Seeing the dates of the Miami Boatshow (Feb 16-20) it puts a spanner in the works for my upgrade work which I planned to have completed by the end of Feb. To evaluate this product by the time the work starts won't be possible, so it looks like I'll be delaying until next season.

The work I was planning on is a complete re-fit of all nav gear which means all the panels in the pilot house have to be replaced - not a small job. So ensuring we have the right kit specc'd well in advance is crucial.

Blow! And I thought I was nearly all sorted.
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