NavNet 3D (MFD8/12/BB) Sensor Icons


Furuno Fan
The 5 sensor icons at the right end of the menu bar are currently predetermined, including GPS, Compass, Radar, Fishfinder, and Weather. I will probably never have either a fishfinder or weather receiver attached, so I find those icons with a big red "X" over them to be a useless distraction - even annoying. It would be much better to make the list of icons configurable, such that the icons would include only those devices that are actually expected to be communicating with the MFD. Then the red X would actually mean something. It follows that it would be useful to offer more icons, such as for AIS, knotmeter, wind, and depth (in addition to fishfinder). Rather than having the user select the icons to be included, they could be inferred from the "Data Sources" tab in the Initialization Wizard.

I would really like to see this change in a future software update.

I agree with this suggestion...and would add that an icon that shows which gps sensor is in use (in situations where there is one or more back-up gps antennae) would be very useful.