NavNet 3D upgrade from 2.05 to 2.11

I am in Malaysia and do not want to create any more problems than I need to being far away from easy access to phone support. My NavNet 3d original installed version 2.5 has worked quite well for me since 2010 but I am now experiencing a sluggishness in response as well as several unexplained bugs....such as the go to function occaisionally does not work and the heading sensor is occaisionally not recognized.

I have removed most of my historical points, tracks, and routes to improve response time but that has not worked to improve response.

I am very nervous about doing a master reset and then doing the two upgrades to 2.7 and then to 2.11. Can anyone tell me if response time or occaisional bugs were improved after these two upgrades to get to 2.11 from 2.5? I would hate to take any risks if the two upgrades were of no help. The listed functional upgrade features may be useful but I can certainly live without them if there is not any help to response and bugs.

Thanks very much for any feedback you may have,

Roger Block
I don't think there is really speed changes between 2.05 to 2.11. I think your sluggishness is due to something else. (like running really old charts) There have been a lot of enhancements from 2.05 to 2.11.

2.05 is a little picky about data sources and how it auto switches. You should at least conduct the 2.07 incremental software update. 2.07 incremental is an easy update compared to doing a combo update.
Thanks for the advice Johnny. I'm equally worried about the Master Reset process. I've replaced an autopilot control head, a heading sensor, and a wind instrument since my original install and with all 3 devices I had to do a lot of setting reconfigurations especially with the ports to get everything to work. I'm dreading the hunting and pecking process to get everything back together after the Navnet 3 returns to its default settings.