Multiple Transducers w/ Network Sounder




I have (2) RDP-149 displays with radar, gps and a ETR-6/10n network sounder.... I cleaned up some wiring on the boat and had to disconnect the system. I reconnected everything and all works, except I have two transducers and the network sounder only has one input for a tranducer.... I have one in-hull 527ID transducer and a transom mounted speed/temp/transducer 525STID.... obviously somehow both were hooked before I disassembled (I'm guessing), will the network sounder utilize more than one transducer and if so, how do I hook both up at the same time?


You cannot use two transducers, at the same time, on the same frequency. The previous owner was either shutting down the system and swapping the cables, or has a transducer switch box. You should NEVER switch transducers while the sounder is "ON" regardless of method. You would also need to ensure that the sounder is set for 600watt operations, because if you set it to 1KW and swap the transducer, you are going to damage the 600w 525ST-PWD transom mount transducer.
Thanks, I'm a little new with a more advanced electronics package like this and wasn't sure, the only thing I can think of is he was using the paddle/temp for the smartcraft gauges instead and it wasn't hooked to the sounder at all, I guess if open the sounder and see where the jumper is set I can tell which transducer he was using....

Thanks again,