MFD8 doesn't recognize PG-1000 heading sensor



Hi! I'm all out of things to try when it comes to making my recently acquired PG-1000 heading sensor talk to my MFD8 via NMEA 0183.

The heading sensor is connected as it should, and all self-diagnostics indicate it's working fine. The sensor is connected to the MFD8 by splicing two NMEA cables together. I've soldered the wires together in all sensible ways possible, but the MFD receives no data signals.
The PG-1000 output data interval is set to 100 ms, as required by the MFD.

I've tried soldering the wires:
[PG-1000] TD-A (white) -> [MFD] TD-A (white)
[PG-1000] TD-B (black) -> [MFD] TD-B (black)
[PG-1000] TD-A (white) -> [MFD] TD-A (white)
[PG-1000] TD-B (black) -> [MFD] TD-B (blue) no success. I've also tried with and without the yellow and green cables. (RD)

I've tried to run the installation wizard on the MFD8 a dozen times, but the NMEA 0183 port 1 does not detect any data coming from the PG-1000.

The sensor (black wire is NMEA output)

The back of the MFD (the closest wire is NMEA input)

The wiring (note: I've connected black wire from PG to blue on MFD here, but I've also tried black->black). The wires are not touching each others, as it may seem from the picture.

Please help! :sorry
I would first recommend that you read the two following forum threads which are very close to what you are doing, except it is using a PG500.



The first thing I noticed is that you are connecting a "TD-A" (Transmit DATA-A) to another device's "TD-A" (Transmit Data-A). That is taking two outputs and shorting them together. You want to take a TD (Transmit Data) into another device's RD (Receive Data).
Johnny Electron: You are absolutely right!
Of course will TD become RD on the receiving unit. I switched the wires, and now the compass works!

Thank you very much for the help! :jump